Discipleship Team
Discipleship TeamDiscipleship Ministry is charged with the mission of educating and equipping church membership and others for Christian life and service. They are to plan, evaluate and recommend resources and educational tools that teach and equip the members to be complete disciples of Christ.
  1. This ministry will coordinate all educational events with the steering team and ministerial staff.
  2. They will be responsible for ordering all materials needed for the course as well as making sure that proper money has been collected if books are to be paid for by the participant.
  3. The discipleship ministry will include:
    1. A training and equipping program providing opportunities for all church leaders and members, plus training/teaching individuals and families for Christian life in the home and world, and
    2. Age-graded organizations and other activities/ministries, as needed, to help meet the discipleship needs of the total membership (i.e. AWANAS, and other activities/ministries for children, youth, adults, and senior adults).
  4. They will work with other ministry teams in helping to provide training for leadership and individuals in those ministries (including worship, evangelism, outreach, missions, care, fellowship, prayer and support ministries).
  5. They will oversee the development, updating and running of a library, media and resource center (including books, literature, tapes, videos and equipment) as resources for ministry teams, church leadership, church members and others