Risk Management

Risk Management Team

Risk Management TeamRisk Management Team Vision Statement

The Risk Management Team’s exists first, and foremost to provide a safe and secure environment for the members and guests of Central Baptist Church (CBC). We also serve to safeguard the equipment and facilities of CBC and support other ministry teams as needed. Each team member shall strive to be dedicated, diligent, and prepared.

Team Structure Overview

The Risk Management (RM) Team is comprised of four individual teams working in unison to provide for the safety and security of the people, facilities, and equipment of CBC.

Security Systems – This team exists to ensure the RM team has effective and reliable systems with which to fulfill its mission. This is achieved by the proper selection, purchase, operation, and maintenance of all communications and security systems utilized by the church. Including, fire alarm, radio and telecommunication systems, camera systems, building entry systems, and IT/network systems.

Loss Prevention – This team exists to reduce accidents, minimize risks from hazards, and mitigate potential liabilities for the church. It shall do this through the development and implementation of routine inspections and ongoing monitoring programs. The team shall develop a reporting system to allow church members or guests a means to report items that are, or could become, a threat to the safety or security of the church members, guests, facilities, or equipment.

Safety – This team exists to ensure the effective selection, scheduling, and deployment of safety team personnel to sufficiently monitor and secure facilities/venues during all church services, activities, and events. This team is directly responsible for any response to a safety or security threat and the calm and orderly movement of people. This shall be accomplished through the development and implementation of best practices, proper training, and effective communication.

Training – This team exists to ensure all safety personnel, church staff, and members are adequality trained. This shall be accomplished through the development and implementation of training programs for key concerns such as safety, first aid, CPR, AED use, crowd control, fire prevention/control, and the proper use of safety equipment and systems. The programs shall provide a means for both initial certification and ongoing recertification as required.

This team is further tasked with the development and implementation of church wide drills to ensure church members (especially staff and teachers) are instructed how to react in a variety of safety situations. Such as severe storm, fire, or security threat. The drills should be “life like” and routine to ensure maximum effectiveness.